About Opole HK

Opole Hokej Klub is owned by Hockey Holdings Group SP ZO O, a Polish Corporation.

Opole HK was created out of the desire to develop a safe and productive environment where student athletes can train in an intense hockey specific environment.

Opole HK plays in the MHL in Poland. This highest level of Junior Hockey in the country. Opole HK also plays international games against teams from neighboring Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Ukraine. Additional games are also provided with other international programs.

Opole HK development principles are based upon those developed through the United States Notional Team Development Program.

Players are provided the highest level training, nutrition and competition available in order to help them achieve their goals.

The Opole HK facility is a self contained training environment. Private living quarters, dining room, kitchen, fitness facility, dressing room, players lounge, and ice arena all accessible through private entries.

The players areas are not accessible by the public, and the seating area can be closed in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak. All training can continue without contact with non team members or personnel.

A Player centric environment is what can be expected upon entering the Opole HK facility and offices.